Understanding Adult Acne

Most teenagers usually experience mild to moderate cases of acne that usually stops after the age of puberty. However, 25% of teenagers who suffer from mild to moderate cases of acne continue to have acne spots throughout adulthood. Though the signs and symptoms of teenage and adult acne may be similar, treating acne in adults can be more challenging. Most treatments for teenage acne usually do not work well with acne on adults. On top of that, you also need to be very careful in choosing your adult acne treatment to prevent skin irritations and dryness.


Proactiv is one of the most popular treatments in the acne care industry. But can this treatment really help you fight adult acne? The system has received positive and negative proactiv reviews from its users both teenagers and adults. This only shows that the system is not for everyone. Some users even claimed that they have experienced skin dryness after using the treatment.


The major difference between teenage acne and adult acne is that the skin grows faster when you are young. When you get older, your skin stops to expand and this will make it more difficult to cure your blemishes. Your skin becomes more sensitive to chemical compounds and you are more prone to skin damage. Your skin loses its elasticity and is prone to scarring. When you are young, you can pop, squeeze, use harsh ingredients on your blemishes and you can still get away with the acne scars and permanent skin damage that is caused by these harsh methods of treating acne. However, if you are way past puberty, and you do all of these harsh acne treatments, you are sure to have acne marks and dark spots. You need to be very gentle in treating adult acne.


Five Tips in Treating Adult Acne

Tip #1- Know the Cause of your Acne

Acne is caused by a lot of different factors. All over the counter acne treatments are designed to treat acne, however, not all of these products can work for you. Each acne condition is different and if you want to know how to treat adult acne, you need to know what I causing it. You need to have a personalized acne care routine that will help you treat existing blemishes and prevent them from coming back. Knowing the factors that triggers your acne blemishes will help you plan an effective strategy to fight adult acne. Aside from oil and bacteria, there are a lot of factors that cause adult acne. One of the main  adult acne causes  is stress. If you want to clear away your blemishes, you need to make sure that you also minimize and effectively manage your stress levels.


Tip #2- Know your Options

If you do a quick search online, you will be presented with a long list of adult acne treatments. This vast number of options can be a little bit overwhelming. Most people will usually use an over the counter acne treatment for their blemishes but if you really want the best treatment for adult acne, you need to keep your options open. Basically, there are three types of treatment options that you can choose from. You can use adult acne products, natural remedies for acne or you can consult a dermatologist to know the different procedures and other prescription medications that may help you alleviate your acne condition.


Tip #3- Find a Treatment that will Suit your Skin

Not all acne treatments are created equally. Some are especially designed for dry skin while other treatments are made for oily skin. The skin will react differently to a particular acne ingredient, whether the ingredient is chemically prepared or naturally derived. Knowing your skin is very important in finding a treatment for adult acne. Unlike treating teenage acne, you will have a hard time finding a good adult acne treatment especially considering the fact that adults are prone to skin irritations and inflammation. You need to evaluate your skin and always do a spot test before you use an OTC acne product to prevent undesirable effects.


Tip #4- Try Natural Acne Treatments First

Your main goal in treating adult acne is to find an acne treatment that is strong enough to fight the acne causing bacteria but is mild on your skin. By using plant extracts as your primary treatment for adult acne, you can reduce skin irritations and the risk of developing side effects. Studies show that a number of natural acne treatments, such as tea tree oil is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide in treating acne. Aside from the fact that these acne treatments are absolutely safe to use, you can also save a lot of money. Most of the natural acne ingredients are basically found in your pantry and you do not have to buy it. You should try using adult acne home remedies to treat your blemishes.


Tip #5- Formulate a Holistic Approach in Treating Acne

Most over the counter acne treatments are only designed to mask the signs and symptoms of acne. This means that even if you are completely free of acne blemishes, your acne spots will come back anytime after you stop using your primary remedy for acne. Even the best treatment for adult acne may not give you a permanent cure for your blemishes. You need an internal cure for acne. Some acne brands offer acne supplements that are said to be very effective in curing acne from within. These supplements may help you pump out the toxins out of your system and speed up the healing process of your acne condition. However, even these supplements may help; it is still highly recommended that you get these anti-acne vitamins from natural food sources. Leafy greens, yellow fruits, yogurt and other foods that are rich in Zinc and Vitamin A, C, and E are good for your skin.


By eating the right types of food, using the right adult acne solutions, having a healthy lifestyle and by maintaining a good hygiene, there is no doubt that you can get rid of your blemishes in no time.