Effective Adult Acne Solutions

There are a lot of adult acne solutions that you can use to save yourself from the devastating effects of acne on your social life. But aside from finding a good acne treatment, you should also know how to properly care for your blemishes. You need to formulate an effective acne care routine to treat existing blemishes and to prevent permanent skin damage.

Skin cleansing is a must in treating adult acne. Usually some teenagers may find plain soap and water enough to eliminate their small red acne spots. This does not usually work for most adult acne cases. Because your skin is already damaged by acne and your skin is sensitive to the chemical compounds, you need to find a cleanser that is mild on your skin. Try to use acne solutions that uses natural plant extracts and other organic ingredients to avoid skin irritations. You also need to wash your face very gently and as much as possible, avoid scrubbing your blemishes with regular soap. Proper skin care is basic in treating acne. But as individual as you are, you need to have an acne treatment that will suit your skin type. To find the best OTC acne treatments available, you can visit www.facingacne.com/proactiv-solution/.


Adult Acne Solutions for Dry Skin

The main thing that you need to consider in treating adult acne on dry skin is to keep your skin moisturized. When your skin is dry, your brain signals your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. As a result, you experience breakouts. Aside from the normal response of your body to skin dryness, the pores of people with dry skin are relatively smaller compared to those people with oily skin. This makes you even more prone to oil clogs which will eventually lead to acne blemishes.


In choosing adult acne solutions for dry skin, make sure that the ingredients found in the solution will not make your skin dry and irritated. Find products that contain natural moisturizers such as jojoba oil and honey. You need to stay away from products that contain chemical compounds such as alcohol, large doses of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. The salicylic content of the solution should be higher than 0.5% but less than 2% and the benzoyl peroxide content should be at least 2% but not more than 10%. These are the FDA standards but if you have dry skin, it is important that you stick with products that contain low doses of those ingredients.


Finally, you need to use a good moisturizer in combination with your present acne solution. Look for moisturizers that have an SPF of 15. This will help your skin maintain its hydration and at the same time protects the skin layer from the intense heat of the sun. Over exposure to the sun can make your acne condition worse and it is very important that you use hats,  umbrellas and other articles that will protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.


Adult Acne Solutions for Oily Skin

Most people who suffer from acne attacks have oily skin. When your sebaceous glands produce more oil, the excess oily usually passes through your skin. People with oily skin usually have larger pores and the excess oil can easily pass through. However, because of the normal production of dead skin cells, old skin debris covers your pores which cause the oil to be trapped inside your follicles. As a result, you develop blackheads and whiteheads. When this erupts, bacteria jump in your pores and cause an inflammation. That is when you experience the signs and symptoms of acne.


To treat adult acne on dry skin, you need to find adult acne solutions that will help you remove the dead skin cells through gentle exfoliation. Stay away from solutions that contain rich oils and as much as possible find a treatment that penetrates deep into your pores to remove the trapped oil. Finding the right acne solution is a little bit tricky. You need to find a solution that is strong enough to remove the excess oil and bacteria from your pores but will not make your skin dry. The solution should leave enough oil behind to prevent skin dryness and irritations.


One of the most popular acne treatments that have helped a lot of acne victims is proactiv. According to proactiv reviews the system works well for individuals with oily skin. But before you try the treatment, you might as well do your own research to know if this acne system really works.


The most common mistake of individuals with oily skin is that they do not usually include a moisturizer in their daily skin care routine. Always remember that no matter how oily your skin is, you need to moisturize your skin every single day. Most adult acne solutions can cause skin dryness, even those that are especially made for dry skin. Adults are usually prone to skin dryness and irritations and finding a good moisturizer is important no matter what your skin type is. For acne on oily skin, you need to find a moisturizer that is light on your skin.


In choosing your acne solutions, you really need to consider your skin type and your personal acne needs so that you can effectively treat your blemishes